Consumers judge fish based on its visual appearance. That is why it is essential for your products to look fresh and of high quality at all times. One obstacle to achieving this is the need for refrigeration which draws moisture from your products, causing the fish fillets to lose weight and be often hidden under a layer of ice. Additionally, colours may shift and oxidation may occur so that the fish appears less fresh.

Dry Mist® technology developed by Contronics will help you counteract this effect.

Our systems make the finest mist from the purest water, which will surround your fish like a blanket. As it evaporates, the humidity around your products rises. Your fish loses no more moisture and retains its colour and weight, without getting wet.

In addition to longer shelf life and improved freshness, our Dry Mist® technology offers additional advantages, such as:

  • Reduced waste by no longer having to cut off unappealing parts of the fish;
  • Better weight retention;
  • No condensation on the fish, making Dry Mist® very suitable for fillets;
  • The natural cooling effect helps you save on energy;
  • Scares off flying insects and cuts back on unpleasant smells;

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