Optimise your bread through mist

Mist in the proofing process Humidity is one of the most decisive factors in the baking process directly affecting the quality of the bread. Contronics produces fine mist, which allows you to further improve the quality of your product, optimise your baking process and save on energy all at once.

Prompted by the European Commision’s NanoBAK research project (, Contronics cooperated with several prominent associates from the baking industry to develop a unique form of technology to apply cold mist during the proofing and cooling process in bakeries.

Mist in the proofing process

Our ultrasonic humidifiers produce an extremely fine, cold mist, consisting of droplets between 1-2 μm in diameter. The aerosol is directed through the proofing chamber by an air current. Some of the droplets evaporate immediately, causing humidity to rise evenly and without condensation. The remaining droplets remain suspended and settle on the dough, forming a miniscule layer of moisture.


The fine layer of moisture delays the forming of the crust in the oven, so heat transfer into the dough is improved; it is transmitted faster, deeper and more evenly through the bread.

  • The increased humidity and the miniscule layer of moisture on the dough will prevent the bread from drying up and developing a crust prematurely.
  • Subsequent processing is improved: the dough does not stick and has more stability, increasing the ease of handling.
  • Our technology can be applied during any stage of the rising process and at any temperature.
  • The relative humidity can be regulated closely, up to 100%.
  • Our technology allows for baking and proofing at lower temperatures, or for shorter durations, which saves on energy.

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